slow waker demos

by Treadles

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all songs by treadles
except Doctor Blind, originally by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

thanks various sweet friends and band friends. thanks paul webb for fixing literally all of our equipment. thanks tyler for synth stuff. thanks greg and community records for general support. thanks jaytee for that sick harmony. thanks kdhl. thanks atticus and zach quinn. thanks murph and beff and mal and banjo and toes for continued emotional support. thanks to the high lord funck.


released January 2, 2017

recorded and mixed in december 2016 by rustle pants.
this is hurry up and wait #004.



all rights reserved


Treadles New Orleans, Louisiana

no longer just a lump of coal


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Track Name: potential
surrounded by the softly flowing fuzz of friends who seem so far away
your mouth is full of smoke you're glowing red
and carbon seems to split the day
but still i like you the best you're my favorite one
of all the ones you don't wanna be one of

sad eyes and smile at the same time
and touch with our intersecting lines
i'm dropping out of space camp just to make sure everything's fine
and i can tell this isn't a love song
but can you tell that i'm always wrong
and cozy comforts never seemed to lack
but now there's something so long gone
be still i like you the best you're my favorite potential regret
neither here nor there ever again
you're my favorite one of all the ones you don't wanna be one of anymore
Track Name: pleasure and the worry
put me in my place and i'll stay you're tired there's no warning it's fine either way
i just wanna sleep where you lay
this hissing republic of bliss these terrified nights where there's nothing to miss
will set me to rights or to wit's
ending up so far apart free from sleeping
crush your own simpleton heart clean while dreaming
seeping steamy maudlin weeping
show me the ache in your chest you'd trade me my shortness of breath for a kiss
trade remorse for forgetfulness
ending up so far apart free from sleeping
crush your own mendicant heart clean while dreaming
touching speaking counts for nothing clean while dreaming counts for nothing
build a belligerent wall wasted, wanting
Track Name: doctor blind
Track Name: debris
there's a place for people like you and i
somewhere oh somewhere there's a space
i'd like to waste away, disintegrate
but sometimes i'd recombine to make sure you're okay
Track Name: a daydream
she divides herself by twos and threes and shrink shrink shrinks
until her many million "me's" are far too small to see
and then her shrunken separate selves drift upward through the trees
and past the misty mountain's freeze and through the cloudy sea
she floats so far above the world she joins the stars or they join she
silently, a moment's peace in space's vacuum finally free
i am not afraid of the quiet of the grave and i don't truly love anything
but if i wake in the sun feel the warmth once again
i could maybe be convinced to stay
Track Name: salty
slugs in the sink all salty all caught on fire
but all i can hear is the rats on wires
all cut up and looking like people
something so simple something so doubtful
eating shit off your own plate is so great
when you're old enough to know why no one's around
all alone in your castle made of old bones
and you can drink enough to drown
dripping with sweat but shaking like a leaf
enough nothing in between for it to be it's own town
that's enough
that's good enough
Track Name: an albatross
act like you're older feel like you're old enough to stick with it
pull back the covers creep back into the bed again you won't muss it up
i can't keep its place in my brain for more than a second before it's gone again
sneak your suspicion past that train of thought
you're going out of style you can't relate an albatross around your neck
sure there isn't much you can't connect but not this
i can't keep its place in my brain for more than a second before it's gone again
hope you will see through the fog that's clouding your eyes you can't move on
until it's gone
Track Name: a feral human
roll around in the dirt beneath the house crippling doubt
hate the sound dirty dishwater thoughts squirm and frown on the couch again
feeling small enough to get swallowed up cuz you said something dumb
when you were drunk harboring resentment
you're just another feral human gone to seed
just like children and other living things
you have no excuse to feel the way you do