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For Bill Suter


released December 19, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Tim Stafford, except Potential, which was recorded by Shibby Poole. Thanks, y'all.



all rights reserved


Treadles New Orleans, Louisiana

no longer just a lump of coal


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Track Name: Scrimshaw
it was so bad, bad, bad
when he was so sick, sick, sick
and he tried six, six, six times to make it all right
but he died too soon
and now he's gone, gone, gone
so long, so long
and he did good, good, good
and he did wrong, wrong, wrong
he kept his eyes peeled 'til they were raw
neither one blinks anymore
all his bones carved up to scrimshaw
she was so mean, mean, mean to let him dream
Track Name: Common Ground
sing me a song about how you were wrong about everything under the sun
and how you want to collect every single regret and throw them out under a bus
that's just not common sense, and I would not recommend going back to where ever you came from
everything's different now, there is no common ground, they would not listen to you, love
that's just not common sense
Track Name: Loud, Scary Storm
/ / /
Track Name: Sleeping
you say you're flying high, on butterflies
but my, my guts are full of rust
and I - I'm bone dry, I'm so tired
I'm so tired

woke up with a demon on my chest
his name was Regret
it's tattooed across his face for everyone to see
someone please get this monster off of me
shaken from a lovely dream
pleading to go back to sleep
his grip should be tenuous at best, but he keeps his claws a fist
and draws you in like flies to flesh
Track Name: The Same Thing Again
/ / /
Track Name: How We Spent the Night
spent the night nursing my wounds
and maybe a beer or two
spent the night scratching the surface of the moon,
or maybe that was you
spent the night curled up with nothing
trying to be something
spent the night alive but uncertain,
hurting but unsure about why
spent the night burning down bridges,
tearing down Rome because of an itch
Track Name: To Keep
staple your hands together to keep from showing off
and maybe sew your mouth shut
keep your feet to the ground, but don't go walking off without me
clench your eyes shut tight to keep from seeing all
the things that have gone wrong
keep your head in the clouds, but don't go floating off without me
rip off your finger tips and swallow your calluses
to keep yourself raw, but don't bleeding dry without me
you're all I need
besides oxygen and sometimes sleep
Track Name: Vague Vagary
don't compliment me, I'll take it wrong
it's whispered out like a spell
just lie back and take your fate
grab your branch by the thorns, vague vagary
some soothing sounds
and waterlogged thoughts of anyone unloved
some trickle down theory of alien communication
vague vagary, vague vagary
the screeching brakes of a city bus headed anywhere not here
vague vagary
Track Name: Salty
slugs in the sink - all salty, all caught on fire
but all I can hear is the rats on wires
all cut up and looking like people
something so simple, something so doubtful
eating shit off your own plate is so great
when you're old enough to know why no one's around
all alone in your castle made of old bones
and you can drink enough to drown
dripping with sweat but shaking like a leaf
enough nothing in between for it to be it's own town
that's enough
that's good enough
Track Name: Potential
surrounded by the softly flowing fuzz of friends who seem so far away
your mouth is full of smoke, you're glowing red
and carbon seems to split the day
but still I like you the best, you're my favorite one
of all the ones you don't wanna be one of

sad eyes and smile at the same time,
and touch with our intersecting lines
I'm dropping out of space camp just to make sure everything's fine
and I can tell this isn't a love song,
but can you tell that I'm always wrong?
and cozy comforts never seemed to lack,
but now there's something so long gone
be still, I like you the best, you're my favorite potential regret
neither here nor there ever again
you're my favorite one of all the ones you don't wanna be one of anymore